Originally published February 18, 2013

Presenting Lindemann’s Patented Autodadaist Limerick & Iambic Pentamabuilder! Posted twice daily at the Autopoetry Tumblr from now until the Apocalypse!

Let our Mighty Robot Poets ease your artistic burden! Capable of experiencing over 900 Gigafeelings per second yet ultimately unconstrained by petty human trifles like Free Willor Conscious Understanding, their Steely Robot Brains are free to explore the dizzying heights of Avant-Garde Poetic Expression!

Some samples of their fine work:

In Limerick Form:

relating or moistened skipjack
illegally brokerage fullback
pictorial grasp
utopian rasp
hungarian sandwich comeback

embodying conflicts incense
colonialism the tense
determining disks
connecticut risks
deplorable audience whence

In Iambic Pentameter:

remember tacitly unchallenged scans
preceding finland carpet seventeen
achieving naturalistic client franz
enlarging bursts apparent submarine

upstairs refusal freshman epitaph
reacting bean stampede again aloft
bacillus naval clusters phonograph
impulse assisting transform bathing coughed

And some lovely Haikus:

godwin without house
drying nouns insensitive
damnation griffin

beauty labour jabbed supreme
pussy lethargy